We help veterans integrate back into civilian life as they overcome personal and traumatic challenges. We also work with the families to assist them in understanding and supporting their loved one.  The key to success is supporting and advocating for the family unit as a whole.

The stresses of combat are many times insurmountable. Once home, you may feel in danger and the need to protect yourself even though you are in a safe environment. You may experience flashbacks of traumatic events or have difficultly recalling important parts of the these events. There may be feelings of fear or anxiety as if back in combat, difficulty getting to sleep and then recurrent dreams and nightmares of being in combat. Once-enjoyed activities are no longer of interest, you feel detached from others, and a strong disconnect from the world around you. Perhaps one thing no one else knows is your longing to go back down range. Unexpected and uncharacteristic angry outbursts occur, you feel irritable and/or aggressive and become emotionally numb shutting down to protect yourself. We can help.

Debbie, I want to thank you so much....You came to my aid as I was suffering from the combined loss of Sarge and my Father....and I will never forget that, and I can't thank you enough.....You probably have no idea of the impact of your actions...you are a very sweet Lady.....
I hope your kindness is rewarded to you 1000 times over... 
Don Miller Jr.

Debbie Pennock,  CPC 
Certified Life Empowerment Coach

   Ken Pennock,  CPC 
   Certified Life Empowerment Coach


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Coaching Services
Coaching provides a safe, confidential environment to share and talk about challenges and traumatic events. We partner with families allowing them to focus individually and as a family unit. This helps them recognize and break through these challenges. We assist families to communicate better; strengthening and re-building healthy, happy, successful families. Coaching helps each family member to recognize their own internal strengths and thrive in the face of change. It inspires them to reach their personal potential with tools, support, and structure.

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