Bridging the Gap in Services for Military Families
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A support group for committed couples to learn new ways to build the kind of marriage/relationship you always wanted to have.

An on-going group enrichment program to build better marriages/relationships. For couples who see only two options (his way / her way), The Third Option teaches skills and techniques needed to have happier, healthier marriages and relationships through development of better understanding, greater sensitivity, and trust, while using more effective communication and listening skills.

This skill-building program includes 14 workshops. These workshops feature sharing from Mentor Couples within a group setting for support. Meet couples who have overcome their difficulties.

Program is at no cost to participants.

The Third Option is great,  providing couples with the tools for open, honest, and marriage-building communication. Ken and Debbie, our facilitators, are open and caring. They have really made this a priority in their lives, sharing honestly about their marriage to help others. 

​Albany, NY