​​Our Mission

Bringing people and services together to meet the needs of military families.

Our military service members commit their time, talents, and lives to our country. Too often their contributions come at great personal cost.  Support provided by the military branches is often not enough to help a struggling spouse or family left behind or a returning service member adjusting to civilian life. A Beacon Of Love's mission is to fill that gap. We support and empower military families and returning service members with services for day to day needs and problems that can sometimes seem insurmountable. We believe that helping families during and post-deployment is key to strengthening and building healthy, happy, and successful marriages and families.

We are your family advocate connecting you with programs and services that support military life for families living in local communities, and thanks to grants, non-profit organizations, and community support, all our services are provided free of charge.

Lives are changed instantly when a mom or dad is deployed either from combat trauma or the long deployment away from spouse and children. Family and financial pressures can be overwhelming during deployment. When returning home, many are rushed to transition back into civilian life without the time or support to renegotiate partner roles that have changed significantly during deployment. Add trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder to that readjustment and the struggle can be insurmountable. Given these conditions, It is not surprising that DoD statistics report marriage and family breakups have increased 42% over the course of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Active duty families often have access to the services and support of a military base to help with these problems, but Guard and Reserve families are usually far from these places and isolated in dealing with the same challenges. After experiencing some of these issues during my husband’s service in the U.S. Army Active Guard Reserve, I realized how difficult it is to even know about, much less find, services without the help of a local military organization. As a result of my own experience, I retired from my corporate job to focus my professional expertise and personal commitment to bridging this gap for Guard and Reserve military families.

What makes A Beacon Of Love unique? Many programs are available, however military families do not know who to contact or where to go to receive them. We play that essential assessment and coordination role. At the family’s request, we go into the home to help them determine their needs and then connect them with appropriate services in their own community.  We advocate for and assist in securing services from organizations, programs, and volunteers, ensure services have started, and follow-up to be sure it continues.

Helping families like these prepare for deployment and re-adjust to family life afterward is the key to reducing these consequences. The families are there and the services exist.  What is missing is the bridge between them. We are that bridge.

Bridging the Gap in Services for Military Families
Bringing people and services together