Bridging the Gap in Services for Veterans and Military Families
Bringing people and services together

 We are a military family advocacy organization whose goal is supporting a sustainable family unit

All too often military families do not know who to contact or where to go to obtain services or benefits they are entitled to. We play the essential role of assessment and coordination. At the family’s request, we go into the home to help them determine their needs and then connect them with appropriate services and programs. We will secure services from organizations, programs, and volunteers, and will be there advocating from beginning to end.

Coaching Services and Marriage/Relationship Support
We help families prepare for deployment and re-adjust to family life after. Lives are changed instantly with deployment either from combat trauma or the long deployment away from spouse and children. Family and financial pressures can be overwhelming. Many Veterans are rushed to transition back into civilian life without the time or support to renegotiate partner roles that have changed significantly during deployment. Add trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder to that readjustment and the struggle can be insurmountable.

Service Coordination and Assistance
We personally coordinate services of other non-profit organizations for you and/or your family and stay with you through this process ensuring services begin and continue.

Outreach and Referrals
We provide referrals to programs that offer crisis intervention, emergency food, holiday assistance, and mental health services. 

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