Supporting Veterans and Military Families

Last year was a challenging one. I had been living with a difficult roommate who suffered from depression, while living apart from my fiancé and holding down a challenging and unrewarding job at a consulting firm. I spent many of my nights wide awake, chest heavy, thoughts racing of what to do next in life and how to move forward professionally and personally. 
I also faced many struggles with my then-fiancé. Our communication was broken, we didn’t see eye-to-eye on major issues.
Facing uncertainty and doubt it was a welcomed blessing to be introduced to Debbie.
From our first phone call, I knew she understood me and the dynamics of my (our) situation. Friends can be sympathetic but it’s hard to find someone who can truly empathize and say unequivocally, “I get it, I’ve been there.” 
Debbie helped me examine each area of my life in a way that drilled deep to the root source of my emotional response. She was gentle at first, allowing my mind to process. Slowly over time, however, she began to press and circle back on the doubts, fears, and worry that continued to surface.
She guided me with patience, humility, optimism, and yes, humor!
I am proud to report the many improvements in my mindset, in the way I carry myself, and what sort of self-talk I engage in when confronted with a difficult situation.
I cannot imagine how my life’s course of events may have been different, had I not leaned on Debbie and her steadfast, yet tender guidance last year. She helped me tap into and leverage all the wonderful qualities within me - strength, pride, courage, love - and let them supersede the fear, the doubt, and the anxiety that so often demands precedence.
Her work is life-changing, and I cannot thank her enough for the gifts she’s given me to lead a more fulfilling life, filled with purpose and self-love.

Krista T, Washington DC


A Helpful Christmas for my daughter.
We thank you from our hearts to yours.
If it was not for your help at Christmas with my child she would not have had one. I'm a 66 year old dad bringing up a wonderful 16 year old daughter and I'm a Vet.  I suffer with real bad heart problems. And we live the best we can.  So I would like to send out a great big shout out to "A Beacon Of Love" and all that are involved.  We are now without a car for ours blew up 3 days after Christmas. I have one more heart operation coming up Feb 6th, 2018.

May the Great Spirits and the Elders Bless you all.
Clifton Park, NY

Our Family would like to Thank Debbie at A Beacon of Love. Our family was having a tough year financially, Physically, and Mentally. We were struggling to stay on top of our bills. I was out of work for 9 months due to a vehicle accident and had recently returned to work part time before Christmas.  My husband had just recently began a new job as well, we both took a huge pay cut and we were trying to get back on our feet.Then Debbie and her husband at A Beacon of Love stepped into our lives helping provide our Children with a blessed Christmas. Our family can't even begin to Thank Beacon of Love enough. They provided us a Special Christmas, and put smiles on all of our faces. We are so very thankful for their kindness and generosity to help us Celebrate Christmas with our Children. It wasn't about the gifts that made our day Special. It was the kindness out of their hearts reaching out to help families like ours in need. We are more than grateful and we can't thank Beacon of Love enough. God Bless all they do. We Love You.                 Sincerely, Johnstown, NY Family.

Debbie, I want to thank you so much....You came to my aid as I was suffering from the combined loss of Sarge and my Father....and I will never forget that, and I can't thank you enough.....You probably have no idea of the impact of your are a very sweet Lady.....

I hope your kindness is rewarded to you 1000 times over...

Don Miller Jr.